Saku Saku Nikki

Shrimp 10 packs

Shrimp 6 packs

Shrimp 5 packs

Scallop 6 packs

Scallop 5 packs

30 packs (Mix)
Shrimp 15 packs + Scallop 15 packs

20 packs (Mix)
Shrimp 10 packs + Scallop 10 packs

12 packs (Mix)
Shrimp 6 packs + Scallop 6 packs

The source of our ingredients

We source our shrimps from Mikawa Bay and the Seto Inland Sea. We use only fresh natural shrimp meat for our products. The shrimps are small (~10cm) yet delicious.

Hokkaido is in the center of the coastline facing the Sea of Okhotsk. We use scallop that are grown for 4 years in the Sea of Okhotsk that is cold and naturally rich in nutrients. These scallop are firm and the taste is divine.