About Us

Established in 1889

“What’s more a shrimp cracker, if not BANKAKU?”

The history of BANKAKU Co., Ltd. began when the founder, Kakujirou Ban, established operations. The company name, BANKAKU, comes from the name of the founder, KAKU (ji-rou) BAN. 

BANKAKU has a 130-year history under the motto, “What’s more a shrimp cracker, if not BANKAKU?”.

Kakujirou Ban improved on the traditional recipes and created a new kind of shrimp cracker by baking them over charcoal fire. 

In 1966, the shrimp crackers were named YUKARI*. Since then, YUKARI have been widely given as gifts. 

* YUKARI – affinity, relationship or ties



We conduct thorough management over the raw ingredients delivered to us by carefully checking them every day. 

We pay close attention to our processing methods to maintain the freshness of our products.


In Bankaku, we apply stringent criteria in selecting ingredients. 

We actually visit production sites from Hokkaido down to Okinawa and communicate with the various producers directly.