With our traditional techniques accumulated from the Edo period, we carefully bake the dough with fresh shrimp to deliver a rich-roasted aroma.

Yukari ( ) also mean  “Affinity” and this makes it an ideal and thoughtful corporate gift. 

Flavours: shrimp (1 piece of cracker contains about 7 shrimps)

Saku Saku Nikki

For this crunchy savoury with fresh aftertaste, the dough mixed with the harvest from the sea is deep-fried to keep its scent and deep flavour. 

Just the right bite size for the daily munch and a great gift for family and friends. 


Flavours: Shrimp, Scallop, Mix ( shrimp & Scallop )

Yaraku 八樂

The blessing of nature in Japan, the abundant harvest from the sea and the field, is represented with these eight unique distinctive flavour.

A gift that is beautiful and heartwarming for both business and family. 

8 flavours in one packet: Hime Yukari, Snow Crab, Shrimp with Green Seaweed, Grilled Shrimp, Shrimp Rice Crackers, Egg Cracker, Green Tea and Seaweed Rice Cracker. 


We uses only fresh seafood from the sea. 

We do not use MSG or any artificial seafood flavour or colouring.

No Preservatives.

It is best eaten within the stipulated duration so as to savour fresh taste of the seafood. 

Only in Takashimaya Singapore

Local delivery within Singapore only.

There may be complication involved in international custom clearance for perishable food.

Yes we do. You can contact us if there are any special requirements. 

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