Bite-size crackers for everyday indulgence

For this crunchy savoury with fresh aftertaste, the dough is mixed with the harvest from the sea, is deep-fried to keep its scent and deep flavour. Enjoy the natural taste of the crackers in a petite size. 


You can taste the natural taste of shrimp just as it is. Shrimps are high in calcium. 


The sweetness, rich flavour and deliciousness of scallop adductor harvested in Hokkaido is complimented with seaweed. 

Sakusaku Nikki Shrimp 5pks $9.80

5 packs



Sakusaku Nikki Shrimp 6pks $12.00

6 packs



Sakusaku Nikki Shrimp 10pks $20.00

10 packs



Sakusaku Nikki Gift Set (2 x 6pks) $24.00

Gift Set 12 packs ( 2 x 6 packs )



Sakusaku Nikki Mix 18pks $39.00

Mix 18 packs



Sakusaku Nikki Mix 28pks $59.00

Mix 28 packs